Products / Services:

Our Assembly Services and Capabilities

Individually, we offer the following services, some or all of which may be required to fulfill a customer’s requirements:

  • Purchasing (sourcing) including electronic components, printed circuit boards, sheet metal, plastics, hardware, software, and other parts or services as required
  • Inventory maintenance
  • Surface mount and thru-hole assembly of rigid or flexible printed circuit boards
  • Box build and mechanical assembly
  • Wire harness and cable assembly
  • Functional and in-circuit testing
  • Programming of programmable electronic devices
  • Conformal coating
  • Printed circuit board rework and repair

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Our Design Services

Our design services complement our assembly services. Our team of engineers and technicians are skilled at the design of electronics, printed circuit boards and mechanical assemblies. Because we are skilled at assembly, we apply our knowledge of the assembly process to all design tasks we perform for you. The end result is an improved design that lends itself to easier assembly thus reducing overall product costs. Our expertise includes high speed and high density board layout, system design, product design and testing.

We use the following tools for PCB and mechanical design:

  • Schematic capture using Mentor Graphics’ eProduct Designer’s DxDesigner (formerly Viewdraw)
  • PCB Layout using Mentor Graphics’ PADS
  • Mechanical design using AutoCAD