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Box Build

System Intergration and Box Build Services

In addition to designing, prototyping and assembling, the qualified staff at Mettrix Technology Corp. performs system integration and box build (mechanical assembly) services. Mettrix provides installation services as well, thorough testing to ensure the highest quality of the product and then shipment of the completed product to the customer. If necessary, Mettrix Technology Corp. also provides written instructions and any necessary legends. Mettrix Technology Corp. recently designed and created an LED cooling fan box which provided illumination in a parking lot and research lab equipment. Mettrix has also provided service to IBM which include printed circuit board (PCB) design, IC layout, subsystem design and prototyping, and assembly services. They also provide design and assembly services to Nuflare Technologies, a research and development subsidiary of Toshiba. (I found this list of stuff that goes along with box services – do you do any of these or should I include any of these keywords? Yes, this is from a similar company, but I’m just making sure you’re competitive to other sites out there and I’m including everything I’m supposed to) Sub-Level Product Assembly Product Assembly System Level Assembly Testing including Functional, Final, Environmental and Burn-In Software Loading and Product Configuration Warehousing & Order Fulfillment & Traceability Packaging & Labeling including Bar Coding Aftermarket Service and Depot Repair of EIT Built Products