In addition to the components, we require the following manufacturing information to complete your order:

Gerber data for the board including paste mask data.
A bill of materials (BOM) in Excel or delimited format containing the following information in tabular format:
Part numbers
Reference Designator
Package (footprint/decal)
Pick and Place information (centroid information) containing
Reference designator

X Position


Y Position

Board side location (top or bottom)

If pick and place information is not available, we will generate it for you, however the turn time will be increased by one day.

For turn time calculations day 0 is the day your parts kit audited complete and all manufacturing information is available and correct. For example, if all parts and information are available on a Monday by noon Eastern time and you requested a one-day turn, your boards would ship to you Tuesday evening and you would receive them (assuming overnight shipping) on Wednesday.

Mettrix Technology provides quick turn consigned PCB assembly services of 1 to 25 pieces on a 24 hour, 1 week, or 2 week turn basis. Other delivery schedules are available to suite your requirements. Assembly requirements that do not meet the following criteria are quoted and processed as production jobs:

1 to 25 pieces

All parts consigned (you provide all parts)
SMT on top and/or bottom
Through-hole top of board only
Maximum of 300 parts per board

10" X 10" max board size



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